Visit the Store for New Products just released!
Visit the Store for New Products just released!
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How do you know how to personalize our order?

We are real people not robots, so we contact you to get the details.  That way you can get exactly what you want and nobody can say that the computer messed it up. 

How will you contact us?

Mostly we use email, but if need be, we will pick up the phone and call you.  Or if you prefer one or the other just reach out to us.  We will be as helpful as possible.

When will our order arrive?

Custom orders are usually complete within 7 days. 

If you are placing an order as part of a fundraising campaign, It can be different for every campaign we are involved in, but look back at the original email or flyer you received from the group we are working with.  The delivery information is usually included there, including any specific details for that campaign.  Alternatively some campaign delivery information is included with your order confirmation you will receive from us.  Keeping to our delivery dates is important to us so if you have questions feel free to email us and we will be happy to give you as precise information as we can about your specific delivery date.